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Moving Yourself VS Hiring Movers

When you’re moving out, the first decision you’ll likely be contemplating is whether or not you want to hire a moving company. Moving homes is a demanding and stressful process. With so many factors to consider, cost is typically the main one. Although its often cheaper to move yourself, nothing beats the price of having […]

How to Successfully Pack and Move Mirrors

Large mirrors are some of the most fragile items to pack during a move. They’re extremely susceptible to shattering, scratches and damage on the glass and the frame. Here are some tips on how to pack and move a mirror to ensure that it looks just as good once it gets to your new home! […]

Helpful Tips for Loading a Moving Truck

When you’re loading a moving truck, you’ll want to make sure the items are placed strategically so that your belongings are safe and you’re able to make the most out of your space. Stay organized and make your moving day as easy as possible with some of these tips! Heavy Items are Always First! Heavy […]

How to Protect Your Floors During a Move

When you’re transferring items from the moving truck to the inside of your new home, it’s vital that you’re extra careful. One wrong move can make scratches, dents or a gouge in your new floors. You’ve already spent a lot of money on moving alone, avoid spending more when you don’t have to! Here are […]

5 Reasons You Should Move Homes in the Spring and Summer

Moving homes is a long, difficult, and costly process – so sometimes, the date of your move isn’t always the first priority. However, it should definitely be considered more often, as it can affect the expenses and time involved in the process. Don’t just decide on a random day, consider all your options! Here are […]

Tips for Packing Fragile Items

Packing fragile items can be a nerve-wracking experience. You don’t want your belongings to break on the way to your new home. Fragile items can be expensive to replace or important to you, so you’ll want to ensure that they’re packed properly! Here are some tips on how to successfully pack fragile items. Small Boxes […]

6 Things People Forget to do Before Moving

As you know, packing your home is a stressful, time consuming process. Amidst the chaotic process of moving, it’s easy to forget that you have to complete certain tasks or pack essential items. To ensure that your move is runs smoothly, it’s important to stay organized and prepared. Here’s a list of things people forget […]

6 Tips for Packing Your Garage

Your garage is one of the most difficult places to tackle when packing for a move. This is a major task, especially since it’s not often a place homeowners prioritize to clean. Many garages typically include extra storage and tools, which can be difficult to pack. Below are some tips on how to begin packing […]

Items to Keep on Hand During Your Move

Preparing for your move takes a lot of planning in order for it to run smoothly. Aside from packing most items, you also need to keep some with you for the long process of loading boxes, unloading boxes, driving and arriving to your final destination. By stocking up and keeping certain items with you, it […]

How to Pack Your Kitchenware

Your kitchen is probably one of the most difficult rooms to pack. It’s not something you can rush through – you have to be extra careful with all the fragile plates and expensive appliances. If you pack these items incorrectly, then you could arrive at your new home with broken plates and shattered glasses. Don’t […]