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Items that are Most Difficult to Move

When you begin packing and moving your belongings, you’ll notice that some items require extra attention. Moving even the smaller, simpler items can already be difficult, painful and backbreaking work. Once you get beyond the books, plates and heavy furniture, there are certain belongings that will feel impossible to move!

Here are some of the most difficult items to pack and move.


Many people don’t realize that moving houseplants can be one of the most difficult tasks. When you actually think about it, you’re moving a large container filled with dirt. This can be messy and hard to move in extreme temperatures where you put your plant at risk of dying. The best way to move a plant so you don’t break the container is to place it in a plastic pot instead. Move them out of their heavy ceramic pot a few weeks in advance so that the plant has time to settle. Once this is done, make sure you move the plans with you in your own vehicle, rather than the moving truck so that you can keep an eye on them.


A piano is an extremely heavy item with several small, intricate parts inside that can easily get damaged. This item is usually a headache to move which is why most people sell them or leave them behind. However, if you don’t want to give your piano away then its best to hire a professional. When you move a piano yourself or with people who are inexperienced with moving, you risk breaking the piano by dropping it or not handling it with enough care, while potentially scratching your walls and floors in the process. Leave this to the professionals!

Fish Tank

If you have a large fish tank, then this can be tricky to move. They’re large, heavy items and fish likely won’t survive due to all the movement that will take place in your vehicle. The best steps you can take are to empty the water from the tank, until you have just enough water left to transfer your fish into a separate bag or container. It’s important to ensure that you keep the fish in the same water that was in the tank, so don’t fill the bag with new water! Keep the fish with you in your vehicle and try your best to make sure it doesn’t move around too much. Once you arrive to your new home, watch the fish closely so that you can make sure they’re doing okay.


People generally don’t want to leave behind their artwork because it either has sentimental value or is an expensive piece. You have to try your absolute best to do everything you can so that it avoids damage. Several art pieces are fragile, so make sure that if it’s in a frame for example, that you wrap it in paper or bubble wrap and secure it tightly. Once you’ve wrapped it, tape cardboard pieces around it for extra protection and then proceed to put it in a box. Cushion the box with peanuts and get movers to help you transfer and place it properly in the truck.

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