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Moving Questions

  1. Do you sublet the moving packages? No, we have professionally trained movers who work themselves to make sure that your packages are safely delivered.
  2. How much deposit you collect? We do collect a deposit. But it’s only a small amount which depends on the size of the package, location to be moved to, etc.
  3. Why do I need to pay a deposit? You need to pay the deposit for us to move forward with the process to deliver your package.
  4. Do you require the whole amount to be paid in full? No, initially we collect a small deposit and then when the package arrives we collect the rest of the pre-agreed amount.
  5. When do you want me to pay the full amount? After the initial deposit, we only ask you to pay when we arrive with your package and discuss the amount to be paid.
  6. Are you available to provide services round the year? Yes, we over movers are there to help you all the time in a year.
  7. Do you pack boxes according to my need? Yes, even though we have all the essential knowledge and expertise in packing your boxes, we still can customize our packaging as per your requirement.
  8. Do you specify the time which my package will take to reach its destination? Yes, when you book with us we give the time for your package to reach the address told by you.
  9. Can you provide same day service? Yes, on certain days, we may be available to provide same day service. But we advise you to refrain from waiting last minute.
  10. What equipment’s do you have in your van? We have everything from boxes, bubble wrap etc. needed for packaging.
  11. Can I call you to enquire about something specific? Yes, please call us in order to inquire as wewant to ensure we are available for when you need us.
  12. Are there any hidden charges? No, you pay what is discussed.
  13. Do you have an insurance policy? Yes, we are fully insured.
  14. Do you work over weekends? Yes, we do work on weekends. Our time of operation-
    On Saturday – 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.
    On Sunday – 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  15. What are the ways to contact you? You can find all our contact information on our official website.
  16. Can I fax you? Yes, you can fax us at (416) 654-1362.
  17. What moving tools do you use? We use all the necessary moving tools like – dollies, pads etc.
  18. How many wardrobe boxes you provide? For every truck in use, we provide you 5 boxes.
  19. Do you provide free estimated? Yes, we do provide free estimates.
  20. What truck sizes do you have? We have 24 foot, 26 foot and 28 foot trucks.
  21. What is your mailing address? Our mailing address is – 32 Nairn Ave. Toronto, ON. Canada M6E 4G7
  22. Are you family owned? Yes, we are family owned.