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How to Move Homes with a Baby on the Way

Are you planning your big move with a baby on board? Moving is already hectic enough, so you can imagine how being pregnant makes it even more of an overwhelming experience. If you’re pregnant, you likely won’t want to participate in tasks that require heavy lifting, no matter how far long you are. With proper planning and the help of reliable movers, friends, families and your significant other, the move will be less stressful, especially if you consider some of these tips!

Plan in Advance

All moves require planning in advance, however when you’re pregnant, you have to play way ahead of time. Avoid unnecessary headaches by creating a to-do list and a packing checklist with belongings to bring and tasks to complete including cleaning, packing, finding movers and more.

Talk to a Doctor

Before you decide that you’re going to begin packing and moving boxes, ask your doctor if it’s safe to do so first. If you’re experiencing any complications, then you should leave the moving to someone else and just sit back and relax. Instead, dedicate your time to finding a new, reliable doctor in your new area. This should be the number 1 priority on your list of tasks. Do your research or ask your doctor if they have any recommendations. Have your current doctor send all your medical records to your new doctor as soon as possible.

Manage Your Stress

Moving when you’re stressed and pregnant is difficult. Keep your mind off the stress by staying active up until moving day. One way you can do this is by participating in a yoga class in in order to stay feeling calm. Other ways to cope with your stress can include spending time with friends, going to the spa, and making a conscious effort to get the right amount of sleep each night!

Listen to Your Body

With a baby on the way, moving is very emotionally and physically demanding. Don’t overexert yourself – if you need a nap, you’re thirsty, dizzy or feeling drained as a whole, give yourself time to sit down and relax. It’s important not to overwork yourself.

Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

When you’re moving homes, you will surly have to deal with moving several products that contain harmful chemicals. Avoid dealing with your cleaning supplies and just avoid ammonia and bleach altogether.

Get as Many Helpers as Possible

Since you’re pregnant, it’s important to recruit as many helpers as possible. We highly recommend hiring professional movers to help with the overall process so that you’re not worried about gathering the wrong supplies, packing items incorrectly or loading the products in a moving truck. Get family and friends to help you pack and organize your valuables as well, so that the process can be more efficient!

Hire Armando Movers!

We know that moving while pregnant is not the best-case scenario. However, with reliable, professional movers like us, you won’t have to worry! Contact the experts at Armando Movers today to help you have a stress-free move.