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A Moving Checklist for Businesses

We always acknowledge the fact that moving homes is a stressful process, but think of how difficult it can be to move an entire office. It’s easy to experience complications when you have several people moving, plus an extensive amount of furniture, along with everyone’s personal belongings and paperwork. Plus, as an employee, you might have to move your life around depending on your current situation. To assist you with your office move, we created a checklist that will help you keep on top of things and so that your experience is significantly less hectic.

1 month prior to the move

  • Contact reputable moving companies and reserve a moving date as soon as possible.
  • Host a sale or donate unnecessary items to charity.
  • Change your address on your website, business cards and from your local post office.
  • Make building owner, clients, and subscriptions you have, aware that you’re changing your address.
  • Use this as an opportunity to update software and technology.
  • Discuss moving insurance with your team.

1-2 weeks prior to the move

  • Finalize your moving schedule.
  • Put together a list of emergency contacts such as building management, utilities and telecommunications.
  • Select a cleaning vendor for when you move to your new office.
  • Label and colour coordinate moving boxes according to the person each box belongs to or the items inside. This will make it easier for you to organize boxes in the new office.
  • Cancel magazine or newspaper subscriptions, security, cleaning, lawn and maintenance services.
  • Create a floor plan based off your new office. Direct where everyone in the office and their items are designated to go to once you arrive.

The week of the move

  • Ensure employees clean out their desks.
  • Unplug all electronics including printers and computers.
  • Distribute contact lists for emergency calls to each employee assisting on moving day.
  • Take a final review of your schedule.

The day before the move

  • Have a meeting with everyone in the office and assign specific responsibilities to each person.
  • Limit the number of employees that help you move on the day of, too many people can be too hectic.

Moving Day

  • Coordinate move related questions.
  • Give people keys or access cards to the new office.


  • Collect all security cards and parking passes from the old location and return them back to the previous landlord.
  • Create a new contact list and distribute it to your office.
  • Distribute a layout of the office including department locations.
  • Review final invoices and contracts.

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