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How to Move a Fish Tank to Your New Home

Moving a fish tank to a new home is an overwhelming process. An aquarium is an extremely fragile item, as it’s highly susceptible to damage if it isn’t properly cared for. For those of you taking part in a long-distance move, you’re better off selling your aquarium and purchasing a new one in your new location. However, if that isn’t an option for you, there’s still ways to move an aquarium safely and efficiently.

Here are some tips on how to successfully move a fish tank!

Your fish is your priority – prepare the fish first

Before you drain out all the water from the aquarium, it’s crucial that you save some for your fish to travel in. If you place your fish in a bag with new water, they may experience severe shock. Depending on the fish, you can use a mixture of tank water and fresh distilled water, but for marine aquariums, it’s vital that you’re only using the existing salt water. Place each fish in a pail or plastic bag.

Drain remaining water

Next, if you can, drain the rest of the water into clean buckets to bring to your new home. When you arrive to your new home and set up the tank, if you put new water in it, you’re going to have to wait a while before placing the fish back in the tank. Doing this step will save you time since you won’t have to replace the water. Keep any rocks and sand in the tank water at all times.

Pack Equipment

Now, you have to pack the equipment. If you’re only moving locally, you can place the filter in a sealed pail and reinstall it when you get to your new home. Those moving long-distance should purchase a new filter.

Disassemble Tank

The tank is delicate, so make sure you’re careful when disassembling it. This is also the best time to make sure the aquarium is clean and ready for your new home. Pack the lid separately with bubble wrap. Purchase a box large enough that you can place the rest of your tank in. Use insulating foam to fill in the gaps around the tank to keep it from moving around in the box. Fill the tank with paper or foam to prevent it from getting any scratches.

Moving the Tank

Transport the fish and the tank in your own vehicle. This would be way too fragile to place in the moving truck.

Set up the tank

Finally, you can set up the tank. Pick a spot you want it to stay in your home before placing the fish back in – you won’t want to have to move the tank later on. Assemble the filters and heating system, then reintroduce the water into the tank. Make sure if you have rocks or sand that they’re placed firmly on the ground of the tank and not moving. Finally, place your fish back in.

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