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6 Home Moving Myths

Everyone has their own opinions when considering the best way to prepare for your home move. As experts with ample experience in the moving industry, we like to provide our clients with suggestions and advice on how to approach the process. Throughout our time, we’ve come across some questions or beliefs that are misguided about the moving process, so we’re here to correct those!

Here are some common myths people have about the moving process.

Doing the move on your own will save you money

It might seem unnecessary to hire a professional, but if you do your research you’ll discover that moving homes yourself may be more expensive than hiring a mover. When complete a home move yourself, costs tend to add up. For instance, you have to rent a moving truck, get insurance and pay for gas. Plus, think of all the packing and moving items you have to purchase. When you move with professional home movers, you can feel confident that your possessions are safe. The average person may not have the skills to perform a move without risking some of their expensive, meaningful valuables and experiencing breakage. Sometimes, hiring movers saves you money!

All moving companies are the same

When you hire a moving company, make sure that you do your research. Not all moving companies are trustworthy or reputable, which can result in your move costing a lot more than it should. Don’t let yourself get into a stressful situation when the process of moving is already hectic enough, check in with past clients or take a look at if they have any good reviews. Be aware of red flags like customer complaints or if they have a lack of an online presence.

Any box is good enough to use for packing

Ensure that you research the best boxes used to pack specific items. Not all boxes are good for just any item. Find out whether you can use plastic, cardboard or if you need a special box. If you’re trying to save money then look for boxes from your local grocery store or another business near you. Once you collect moving boxes, keep them in good condition incase you need them for next time.

Movers can move any time

Take note of certain items that aren’t legal to move. There’s many items that you aren’t allowed to move for safety reason. Make sure to check in with your moving professionals to find out what they are so that you’re fully prepared and don’t waste time and money packing something that you don’t need. Some examples of items you can’t move include: perishable food items, plants, hazardous items and liquor.

You must move everything at once

Your mindset might be to get this move over with and move all of your items at once. However, if this is too stressful, remember that you don’t have to! Try finding a way to move some items to a place close to home ahead of time if you can.

You should always move on a Friday

Several people think that moving on a Friday is the best option because it gives you a whole weekend to unpack. You have to remember that everyone else is thinking this too! Because of this, movers often charge more to move on the weekends since it’s the busiest time. Save yourself some money and try to move during the week, where there’s more flexible time and you’re able to spend less money.

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