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How to Unpack Your Home After Moving

When you’re moving homes, it’s hard to catch a break. The process seems like its never-ending! Once you’re done planning your move, packing items, loading the truck and unloading boxes in your new home, you’ll likely feel exhausted. Unfortunately, you still have to carefully unpack all your belongings, organize them and strategically place them in the correct room. This can last for weeks and sometimes even months if you procrastinate or don’t plan it out properly.

Eliminate your stress and consider some of these tips on how to unpack your home after moving.

First, locate your box of essentials

If you packed for your move in the best way possible, then you likely have set aside a box of essentials to open for when you arrived in your new home. Every family member should have a box of their own personal belongings that they will have to unpack right away. Focus on unpacking and placing this box first, since you will probably need some of these items immediately.

Clean the new house

Take a look around and check on whether or not the home is perfectly clean. If you notice that there’s some cleaning that needs to be done, then make sure to dust, vacuum, mop and scrub surfaces while the house is empty. You won’t want to have to clean too hard once you’ve taken so long to finish unpacking all of your belongings.

Create a list of every room in the home

Make a thorough list of each room in the home. Don’t forget to include storage space such as closets, sheds, pantries and basements. This will help with the planning process.

Place large furniture items first

Take the biggest furniture pieces you have and place them around your home. First, start by placing any large rugs or carpets you have in the rooms they belong. Once that’s done, begin to set up beds, dressers, sofas, chairs, tables and any other large items that you own. When doing this, focus on placing furniture in the most important rooms first.

Place boxes in the assigned room

Hopefully when you were packing, you labeled each box with the room they belong too. Instead of keeping a large pile of boxes in one room, place them all in the rooms they belong to, this way everything will seem organized, cleaner and less congested. This also may decrease your stress and motivate you to finish the boxes faster. This task is easy if everything’s already in their assigned room, so you should definitely get other people involved to help you finish this task even faster!

Plan an unpacking order

Make a list of all the rooms in your home and rank them by priority. Write down the most frequently used rooms and infrequently used rooms so you can have a clear plan about where to start. Tackling all of this unpacking can be overwhelming. Keeping organized will ensure that you’re unpacking with ease!

Create a set schedule

Set goals by making a schedule of what you want done by specific dates. Be detailed when you make this list and don’t forget to include the estimated amount of time you need to unpack boxes for each room. Typically, it takes approximately 10 minutes for boxes with large items and 30 minutes for boxes with smaller items.

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