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Moving on a Rainy Day Can be Easy!

You wake up on moving day already stressed out about the process, only to realize that it’s raining. Sure, this might make your experience a little more difficult, but if you take the right steps to prepare, it doesn’t have to be. Moving on a rainy day can be easy and safe if you choose to follow some of these tips!

Assemble boxes indoors before moving them

Stay organized and gather all the boxes you can into an empty space in your home. Sort the boxes by room so that things don’t get messy! If you can, keep them near the front door or in the garage. Doing this will make the process of moving boxes in the rain much faster. Rain typically slows people down because walking back and forth will make the floor wetter. To avoid slipping and dropping valuables, walking slower and carefully is usually the solution. Avoid this conflict and make all your belongings easily accessible to quickly load them in the truck.

Place tarps or mats on the floor

Avoid wet, dirty and slippery floors by placing tarps and non-slip mats inside the house and outside near the entryway. Don’t forget to tape them down so that they don’t move! If you don’t do this, your new or old house will likely be full of dirt and water, which is something you won’t want to deal with during the hectic moving process. For homeowners who don’t have enough tarps or mats, place cardboard pieces on the floor.

Wrap moving boxes and furniture

You won’t want to ruin your cardboard moving boxes or expensive furniture! Make sure to cover them in some moving blankets, stretch wrap, cloths or furniture covers to keep everything safe.

Set up an assembly line

If you have family members or friends to help you with the move, then create an organized assembly line to get the items from your home to the truck. For instance, delegate some people to stay in the truck, while others stay outside or inside. Doing this will not only make the process faster, but it will also prevent as much dirt or water from entering your home.

Keep dry!

When you place boxes and items in the moving truck, wipe the water off as you go so that it can remove any excess moisture that will potentially damage your belongings.

Wear appropriate attire

Make sure that you wear shoes with good traction so that you don’t trip or slide while moving your valuables. You should also wear gloves while carrying heavy furniture to prevent your hands from slipping.

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