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How to Overcome These Frustrating Moving Challenges

As you may know, moving homes comes with its fair share of challenges. While it is an exciting experience, finding ways to pack to adjust to your new home can be frustrating. Avoid common moving mistakes and overcome this tremendous task by using these tips!

Too Many Belongings

Packing is by far the most daunting part of a move. If you’ve lived in your current house for a long time, with a family and children, chances are that you will have a lot of items – maybe even too many. Placing every one of your belongings in a single moving truck is unrealistic. Don’t stress though, you likely won’t need these items as much as you think.


Reduce the number of items you planned on moving to your new home. Use this experience as an opportunity to re-design your home and make the most of your space. You may think you need most of these items, but you probably don’t, so don’t be afraid to leave them behind.

Organize your belongings in 4 piles: keep, donate, sell and trash. This will save you tons of time and can even make you some money to pay off your moving expenses. Hold a garage sale if you have the time.

For Sudden Moves

Several people struggle with moving because they fail to plan ahead of time. Procrastination will be the reason you have more challenges than normal. When you have too little time, it’s becomes difficult to organize all of your belongings, which means that packing and unpacking will be frustrating. You may even end up packing too many belongings, which in turn will cost you more money to move to your new home.


Stop making excuses! Once you’ve planned the date, make a schedule and start the packing process. Create a checklist, purchase moving supplies and prepare a timetable to make the process easier. Some tasks you should complete right away include packing, decluttering and researching for reputable, professional movers.

Lost and Damaged Items

Very often, people find that they’ve lost or damaged some items on the way to their new place. Don’t forget that some items require special packaging to ensure they don’t break. For instance, TV’s, mirrors, dishes, computers, art, and lights are some of the first items to experience damage if they aren’t packed correctly.


Avoid damage by informing the movers about the amount of fragile, heavy items they will be transporting in the truck. This will give them a better idea of how many trucks you might need to ensure that nothing breaks and that it’s safer and easier to move. Label fragile boxes so that movers know how and where to place it in the truck. Finally, make sure you research how to pack specific fragile items so that you can purchase the proper packing materials to avoid damage.

You Need More Packing Material

This is one of the most common issues people experience during the move. Usually, this problem occurs from procrastinating on your move and underestimating how much material you really need. This can be very frustrating if you notice it too last minute.


Movers usually will help you figure out how much packing material you need when they visit your home. Listen to their advice, they’re professionals so they know what’s best for you! It’s better to be safe than sorry, so consider purchasing extra materials just in case. 

Hire Armando Movers

When you hire Armando Movers, these are challenges that you likely won’t face. However, if you do, we will use our expertise to help you overcome them! With us, you can count on experiencing a smooth and efficient move. Contact us today.