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What to do With Your Used Moving Boxes

So, you’ve finally moved into your new home and went through the timely process of unpacking all your boxes. Now that your boxes are unpacked, don’t just throw them in the garbage! Those boxes are reusable and recyclable. Not only will reusing these boxes help you, it’ll also help the environment. Here are some other ways you can utilize your moving boxes!
Sell Them
There’s always going to be someone who’s moving and looking for cheap boxes to purchase. Sell your boxes and get some money back! That way, if you’re not going to re-use them, someone else will. Selling your boxes is beneficial for everyone!
Donate Them
Check if your neighbours, friends or family are planning to move, maybe they’ll need the boxes! If you live in an apartment, see if you can get the manager to notify other tenants and they can use them. Incase no one you know needs the boxes, donate them to a charity organization who might need them.
Avoid the additional charge of having your boxes taken away, find a place where you can recycle the boxes locally. Sometimes, recycling companies won’t pick up boxes from your curb, so make sure you know what’s allowed. Figure out the number of boxes you can recycle at a time, the size restrictions, and whether or not the boxes need to be flattened.
Save Boxes for Your Next Move
If you move frequently, store your boxes away for your next move so that you can avoid purchasing new one’s next time.
Use Them as Storage
Keep some boxes to store away items that you may not use often, but still need. Label the boxes so you know where they are in your storage area!
Use Them for Your Garden
The phrase “lasagna garden” comes from people who use copious amounts of newspaper or cardboard in their garden to create more fertile soil on top of existing grass or dirt. If you enjoy gardening, consider using the boxes for this purpose.
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