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Tips for Moving Valuable Artwork

Moving valuable pieces of art with extra care is an important step in the moving process. Make sure you plan in advance and decide what boxes and wrapping is appropriate for each art piece. If you’re wondering how to pack your art, here are some tips!
Oil Paintings
When packing oil paintings, it’s vital for you to wrap it with glassine paper, then carefully wrap the entire painting in bubble wrap, cut out strips of Styrofoam (same depth as the frame) to put around the frame and tape all the layers together securely.
Sculptures and Figurines
If your items are large or heavy, they should be crated to ensure the greatest protection. Crates aren’t the most affordable option, however they’re worth it since they offer the most safety over long distances. To ensure full safety of your art, wrap the figurine or sculpture in enough bubble wrap that you can’t feel or see the item inside the package. If you don’t want to use a crate, then find a box that is appropriately sized and pack the item, filled with at least 2 inches of peanuts. Heavier items require more peanuts.
Paintings with Glass
Purchase professionally designed mirror/picture cartons to place the artwork in and wrap the entire painting in bubble wrap. Secure all the edges of the artwork with masking tape and if you put multiple pieces in the box, make sure each piece is facing each other.
On the Moving truck
When you’re on the moving truck and you have artwork with large frames, make sure you do not place them flat. Place the frames on their edges, in a place where they won’t fall over. It may help you to situate them between heavy items.
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