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Tips for Moving Homes on a Rainy Day

Moving homes is difficult enough on a good day, but when you find out it’s raining; it adds another level of stress and anxiety to the process. However, as long as you plan in advance for all weather conditions, you can remain calm! You may experience some delays on a rainy day, but you can still have a successful move by following some of these tips!
Plan Your Move
Before you do anything, make sure you plan your move so that you’re ready for all types of weather. Include boxes, blankets, tape, labels, bubble wrap, stretch wrap and any other possible protection that will assist you in moving your belongings successfully.
Safety of Belongings
Safety is the most important concern when moving in bad weather conditions. When you’re moving slippery furniture or plastic boxes, use gardening gloves so you can gain a better grip and avoid getting hurt. While moving everything out of the house, instead of placing plastic covers on the floor, place old sheets, towels or rugs. You can also make a path of cardboard from your home to your truck to walk on and avoid slipping. If the rain is severe, try to let the storm pass before proceeding with your move. Otherwise, make sure to drive slowly and carefully.
Get Insurance
Insurance comes with any reliable moving company, including us at Armando Movers. Make sure you are insured, as an accident is more likely to occur when travelling through poor weather conditions. This will give you piece of mind.
Protect Your Belongings
If you chose to pack with cardboard boxes, remember that they aren’t waterproof. Make sure to seal your cardboard boxes with packaging tape to avoid breakage. Use large garbage bags to protect your clothes, electronic equipment and other valuable items. Shrink-wrap is also crucial to cover your mattress, bed sheets and box springs in order to prevent the formation of mold.
Choose the Right Boxes
If it’s in your budget, use plastic moving containers instead of cardboard boxes. They are reliable, water resistant and easy to stack
Preparing New Homes
Prepare your new home and avoid wet and muddy floors by laying old towels, rugs and blankets on the floor so you can neatly move your items into your new home.
Contact the Professionals!
If you don’t want to handle your big move alone, contact Armando Movers. Rain or Shine, we will make sure you get to you and your belongings to your new home safely and efficiently!