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Properly Move Your Record Collection

Poly Sleeves
Ensure that you place your record in a poly sleeve. Each record regardless of age, needs an acid-free paper liner, a sturdy jacket, typically the album covers and a poly sleeve to protect it from dust, heat and moisture. This sleeve will protect the record from dirt, scratches and any other damages.
Take the Record Outside of the Jacket
It’s a good idea to take the record outside of its jacket. If you don’t, you’re risking a potential round imprint on the album cover. This is only necessary if you have a paper sleeve on the record itself. In order to avoid other damages, make sure that the jackets are places in a clean sleeve that’s free of dirt and debris.
Pack Vertically
Always pack your records vertically and standing up next to each other; never lay your records flat in the box. If you place them flat, the weight will crush the records at the bottom of the pile. Ensure they fit snugly in the box, however, don’t squeeze them together too tight or they may warp.
Use Sturdy Boxes
Use a cardboard box that is thick, durable and 14x14x14 in size so that your records fit perfectly, with a little extra room to move around. Make sure to fill the extra space in the box with padding – a perfect filler is foam as it will keep all your records in place, while avoiding additional pressure. When sealing, use a reliable tape so the box doesn’t open up in the moving truck and cause major issues. Label which side of the box is up so that the movers don’t accidentally place it on its side or upside down. Pack in a way that ensures the records won’t fall or roll out from the cover.
Pack Them by Size
Pack the records organized by size to avoid unwanted movement and help you stay organized
Make Sure Your Movers Place Them in the Truck Strategically
Make sure the records are place on a flat surface to avoid unequal pressure. Vinyl records are tremendously fragile and expensive, so if you want to avoid harming your collection then place them strategically. You won’t want the pressure from other items in the truck to impact your records. Ensure that you place the records in an area free from weight. Tip – maybe try placing the vinyl box in a wardrobe or other furniture.
Call the Professionals
No matter how fragile your items are, Armando Movers has you covered! We know how significant a good record collection can be, so be sure to contact us so we can help you move them safely and efficiently.