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Pack your Kitchen the Right Way!

Packing up your kitchen can be a tricky task. All the small delicate items that need to be boxed up can make it a dreadful experience, however it doesn’t have to be. Following the tips below will make your kitchen packing go seamlessly.
First, you will need to ensure you have the appropriate supplies to safely pack each appliance. Using the appliance’s original packaging is ideal, however any standard packaging boxes will do the trick. To avoid damaging any appliances, disassemble them first and place the delicate pieces in bubble wrap. It also very important to ensure every appliance is clean before you begin packing.
When packing utensils, it is important to carefully sort them beforehand to simplify the unpacking process when you arrive at your new home. Start off by sorting them based on type and then using a rubber band to secure each type. Once you finish this sorting, place the utensils in a secure box that has padded material inside.
To avoid chipping any glasses, use paper and bubble wrap to individually wrap each one. Also ensure to place your glasses standing up, as placing them on their side increases the risk of them breaking.
Dishes should each be carefully wrapped in paper and bubble wrap to avoid them from rubbing together. When packaging them, stack them vertically in a carton.
Pots and Pans
A larger box can be used to pack your pots and pans. Similar to glasses and dishes, they should also be individually wrapped in paper and bubble wrap to lessen the risk of them getting any scratches. When packaging them, it is also important to place them on their bottoms to increase stability and avoid damage.
Contact the Professionals!
Properly packaging your kitchen requires a significant amount of time and energy. If you’re moving and need help packing be sure to give Armando Movers a call to see how we can help you turn it into an effortless task!