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Moving Homes in the Winter

Are trying to decide which season would be the best time to schedule your moving date? Typically, the last time most people want to move homes is in the winter. The slight chance of bad weather is an automatic write off. However, this could work to your advantage! Moving in the winter may have its risks, but there are plenty of reasons you should consider it. Sort out the pros and cons to figure out if a winter move is right for you.
Moving Costs
The winter season is a slow time of year to move. Since it’s not considered peak time, the prices drop significantly. So, if you schedule a moving date and it happens to be a clear weather day outside, then you just saved yourself some money and still successfully arrived at your new place!
Scheduling at Your Convenience
Since Winter isn’t a busy time of year for moving companies, they can be more flexible with scheduling the ideal date for your move. This will be less pressure for you to fit this busy task into your hectic schedule.
Better Planning
Movers will have considerably more time to plan and make sure everything goes smoothly. With better planning, there will be less risks and the move is more likely to be flawless!
Weather uncertainty
Be prepared in case you scheduled your moving date on a day with heavy snow or freezing rain. Bad weather can impact the timeliness of your move. This can poorly effect you especially if you’re moving long distances. Driving with all of your valuables in this weather can be dangerous.
Slipping and Sliding
With the slippery weather, even if you tried to protect yourself, you and your movers can lose footing while loading and unloading your household goods. You have to be extra careful not to drop your most prized possessions! Busy Holiday Season
The holiday season is stressful enough. Between holiday shopping, preparing dinners and planning new year’s, it may not be the best decision to add moving your home to that busy schedule. Don’t move when you’re busy and stressed, move when you’re well prepared.
Contact the Professionals!
If you’ve decided that moving in the winter will be most convenient for you, contact Armando Movers! We’ll make your belongings arrive to your new home safely and successfully.