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Minimizing Your Moving Expenses

If you’ve decided to move out, then it’s crucial that you start planning as soon as possible! One of the main factors that may stress you out during your planning process is the list of expenses. Before you panic, remember that there are several simple steps you can take to minimize moving costs.
Don’t Bring Too Many Items with You
Weight is a large contributing factor to the amount of money you will be spending. Moving companies typically charge by the pound and distance, so try to avoid packing items that aren’t necessities. There are services that will help you downsize and will take the possessions you don’t want off your hands. You can also consider giving your items to charity, recycle them, donate them to a friend or have a garage sale. Sort through your home at least a few months in advance to organize your items by room. Visit your new home and do some measurements to see if your furniture will actually fit in your new space. You don’t want to pay to move something you won’t end up using.
Try to avoid moving during peak-periods. Majority of people decide to move during the beginning or end of the month when their leases turn over, or in the summer when their children are out of school. The first week of September is often one of the busiest times because individuals attending post-secondary begin moving into their temporary homes for school. If you can’t move during fall or winter seasons, at least try avoiding holidays and weekends in order to prevent yourself from paying those premium costs.
Purchase the Right Boxes
Purchase used or recycled boxes to get a better deal. If you want to avoid purchasing boxes as a whole, contact friends or family and find out if they have any for you to borrow. It will also help the price if you pack small items yourself so that you can decrease the amount of time you require the mover’s assistance. Once you’re done using the boxes, try selling them and earning some money back.
Plan in Advance
First – do your research. Shop around for the best quotes before you settle. Avoid waiting until the last minute to organize your boxes. Label them and sort them by room so that the movers know exactly how and where to place each item. If you can, snapping pictures of where the boxes should go would be a great time saver! This will ensure less time for the movers and save you more money.
Save on Taxes
Don’t get rid of your receipts right away because some of those expenses may be deductible. Check if your expenses qualify you to save on taxes.
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