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Items to Avoid Bringing During Your Move

When you’re moving to a new home, narrowing down the items to bring with you can be a difficult task. However, several individuals aren’t aware that some items aren’t worth packing simply because you’re either not allowed to bring them for safety reasons, or it would be very difficult and expensive to transfer over. If your checklist of items seems pretty long or expensive, then don’t worry; we’re here to help you out! Here are some items you should avoid bringing during your move.
Flammable and Combustible Items
Products such as paints and gasoline are hazardous materials that can cause a horrible accident while travelling to your new home. Also avoid bringing: ammonia, batteries, bleach, fireworks, lighter fluids, matches, motor oil, and nail polish remover. These are items that you should safely dispose of or donate to your friends and family members.
Compressed Gases and Poisons
Avoid bringing hazardous materials including: aerosol sprays, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers, weed killers and other gardening chemicals, insecticides/pesticides, cleaning chemicals and pool chemicals.
If you’re moving to another country or state, then you should be aware that some places don’t let you cross the border with flowers or plants. Even if you’re moving locally, many moving companies refuse to move plants. If you’re unsure, make sure to call the company well in advance to find out.
Perishable Food Items
This is an easy way to cause an unwanted mess in the moving truck. Avoid bringing perishable food items on the move. Instead, donate them to a nearby food bank.
Items that can go Digital
Sort through your CDs, DVDs, paper documents and photos and consider making some of these items digital. Bringing an external hard drive copy of these will make your move easier, lighter and less expensive.
The Wrong Furniture
Before you pack your furniture, go to your new home and take some measurements of the space. If your furniture is too big for your new home, then avoid bringing it.
Hire the Professionals at Armando Movers
Moving to a new home? Then contact the professionals at Armando Movers to help you out! We will correctly advise you on what items you shouldn’t bring for your move in order to save you time and money. With us, your move will be completed efficiently and effectively!