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How to Survive a Winter Move

While there are several benefits to moving homes in the winter, in some cases, poor weather can make this a much more challenging task. Although moving in the winter isn’t as busy and much more cost-effective, you still have to keep in mind that snow, ice, and cold bitter temperatures can make this day unpleasant. However, if you’re prepared for these conditions, then you won’t have to worry!

Here are some tips on how to successfully execute your winter move.

Plan for Poor Weather

The key to a successful winter move is planning ahead more than usual. You don’t want to choose a date featuring the worst snowstorm of the year and be stuck in an impossible situation. If you’re planning a winter move, then schedule a backup moving day. The weather is very unpredictable, so make sure you check the weather often, as the moving day approaches so you can decide whether or not to reschedule.

Clear Walkways

Snow and ice are safety hazards for you and your movers. Sometimes, the ice isn’t easy to detect and someone might get hurt if walkways and driveways aren’t cared for beforehand. If you forget this step, your belongings may be at risk as well. Ensure that you make time to shovel and sprinkle salt to avoid breakage or injuries.

Nearby Parking

Make sure the movers are parked close to your home. You don’t want you or your movers to be walking long distances to the truck – this will put movers and your belongings at a higher risk. Convenient parking will make it easier to load the truck.

Turn off Your Furnace

With the front door wide open for an extended period of time, there’s no point in keeping the furnace on. As the movers transfer your boxes, cold air will be entering your home while releasing heated air. Lets face it; your house will be cold regardless! Save on your energy bills by turning the furnace off. 

Don’t Rush

In the summer, it’s common for you and your movers to be moving in a hurry. However, in the winter the key to a seamless move is by slowing it down. You need to take your time so you don’t have an accident on a slippery driveway or walkway. Leave more time to transport your items to the truck.

Protect Floors

Since movers will be coming in and out of your house, they will likely have snow, dirt and salt on their winter boots. Protect your floors by placing tarps, plastic sheets, blankets and old carpets on the path to your moving truck.

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