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How to Successfully Pack and Move Mirrors

Large mirrors are some of the most fragile items to pack during a move. They’re extremely susceptible to shattering, scratches and damage on the glass and the frame. Here are some tips on how to pack and move a mirror to ensure that it looks just as good once it gets to your new home!

Invest in High Quality Packing Materials

For mirrors specifically, it’s important to ensure that you’re packing it using the highest quality packing materials. This will make a significant difference to whether or not it will break during the move. Some supplies you’ll need include:

  • A mirror box
  • Thick brown packing paper or cardboard
  • Large thick piece of cardboard
  • Styrofoam
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blankets
  • Packing tape & masking tape
  • Permanent marker

The Mirror Box

Mirror boxes are customizable, so they will easily adjust to fit any mirror sizes you have. These boxes come in 4 separate pieces, so make sure before you join them together and place the mirror inside, that you place bubble wrap on each corner and side of the box.

A Clean, Solid Packing Area

Make a convenient packing area for yourself. This will require you to place a thick moving blanket on a table in order to cushion the mirror throughout the process.

Tape an “X” onto the Glass with Packing Tape

Placing an “X” on the glass part of your mirror with packing tape will keep it intact in case of the worst-case scenario. If the mirror is cracked, the broken pieces will stay in place, which means that you’ll only have to replace the pane of glass. This is much more cost-efficient than replacing the entire mirror.

Cardboard or Thick Brown Packing Paper

Precisely cut enough cardboard or packing paper so that you can cover the surface of the mirror with more protection and tape.

Cover the Surface with Styrofoam

For added protection, cut a piece of Styrofoam so that it’s the same size and shape of the cardboard. Once this is all done, wrap the whole mirror and all of its protection in moving blankets. Now, your mirror will be completely cushioned and its highly unlikely that it will break!

Place in Box

Finally, place the mirror inside the custom mirror box! With a mirror box, you can avoid being worried about any accidental bumps or wall grazes while the mirror is in the moving truck.

Label the Box!

Label the box on all sides so that you know what the item is. Also, don’t forget to add “fragile” to the label so that your movers know exactly how to handle the box with care!

Place the Mirror Upright

Don’t lay the mirror on its back or front side. If you do, it’s likely that your mirror will shatter. Make sure the mirror is placed upright in a spot that’s safe and doesn’t risk anything toppling over it during the move.

Unpacking the Mirror

Again, it’s vital to keep the mirror upright when taking it out of the box. When you take it out, do it very slowly and make sure that there aren’t any traces of glass anywhere.

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