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How to Successfully Move into a Condo

Moving into a condo is a different experience than moving into a house. There are a few key factors to consider when you’re preparing for a condo move. This move will present you with unique challenges that may seem overwhelming, however with the right preparation Armando Movers by your side, you’ll be able to move into your new condo with ease.
Inquire About the Building You’re Moving into
When you move into a condo, you must know that the management office inside the building will be your best friend. They know all moving policy best, so they will inform you of important guidelines and requirements that come with moving into the condo. Also, it might help you out if you take some time to walk around the building and get to know how exactly you will move all your items efficiently. Obtain a map of the building if possible.
Prior to moving in, take measurements of your living space. This is crucial especially if you’re downsizing from a house to a condo. You’ll want to avoid taking any extra furniture that wont fit in the condo. If you forget to take this step, you could risk wasting a lot of money due to the weight of the furniture and the time it took to move it. There’s nothing worse than finding out that you spent money moving furniture that you can’t even use.
Garbage Bins
Ask the manager of your building where the garbage and recycling bins are located. You’re going to have a lot of materials to dispose of, so its best to be prepared.
Book the Elevator Well in Advance
This is probably the most important step for your condo move. Make sure to book the elevator well in advance. Some condominiums have sizable deliveries, so you want to make sure that you’re not moving in on a day when they have one. Take this precaution in order to avoid additional challenges. You also have to take into consideration that movers may not be able to walk up the stairs with all your belongings, especially fragile items or heavy furniture, which emphasizes the importance of booking an elevator. When you book an elevator, ensure that you get a damage deposit contract describing the repair process should anything go wrong during the move. Try moving in during the middle of the month – the first and last days are always the busiest for the elevators.
Ask For Help
You should always ask for help when packing and moving your belongings, especially since moving into a condo is a little more challenging than a house.
Hire the Professionals at Armando Movers
Moving into a condominium can be a tedious and tricky task, which is why it’s definitely worth the investment of hiring the professionals at Armando Movers. Avoid doing all the heavy lifting and let us do it for you. We have plenty of experience moving into condominiums; so you can remain stress free knowing that the job will be completed quickly, accurately and effectively!