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How to Successfully Execute a Last-Minute Move

Although moving homes is exciting, we all know that the packing part is dreadful. Typically, people don’t have the urge to get a head start on preparing and packing. While it would make more sense to begin moving tasks ahead of time, the fact that it’s so overwhelming can be discouraging. Aside from this, you might be in a situation where you’re forced to move last minute. Either way, if you’re dealing with a last-minute move, the stress is probably sinking in. However, don’t worry too much!

Here are some tips on how to successfully execute a last-minute move.

Get Organized

Begin your move by making a list of all the tasks you need to complete, along with items you’re bringing with you, selling or donating. Do this by going room by room and writing down all the items that fall under each category. Breaking down the whole job into small tasks will make you less stressed and more positive, which in turn will increase your productivity.

Sort Everything

When you pack room by room, physically sort out each of the items into the correct categories. Start by selecting everything you want to take with you, and then focus on the other piles with items you want to sell, donate or simply throw away.

Get Packing Supplies

Once everything is sorted, you will have a better idea of how many packing supplies you’ll need. Places you can find cost-effective items include Kijiji, local community Facebook pages, and by asking stores in the area. If you can, get more supplies than you think you’d need, just in case of a last-minute emergency. Ensure that you have a variety of small, medium and large boxes and don’t forget to select specialty boxes for more fragile, expensive items like artwork or a TV.

Can’t find enough supplies last-minute? Then use trash bags!

If you’re running out of packing supplies or simply can’t find enough of them in time for your move, then use trash bags! Items like towels, blankets and clothing are non-fragile and can easily be placed in a garbage bag. Make sure that you purchase strong, sturdy garbage bags so that they don’t break during the move. If you use this technique, don’t forget to label the bag, or else someone might mistake your belongings for trash.

Pack Room by Room

When you’re in a rush to pack, it can be very easy to panic and pack several different items at once. This will make the moving process slower and likely stress you out even more. Focus on packing items room by room and you will notice how much faster you’ll be done packing.

Find People to Help

Don’t hesitate to contact reliable family and friends to help you with your move. The more people, the better! Also, hire a professional moving company like Armando Movers if you can, so that even in a rush, you can ensure that your move will be a success.

Contact Armando Movers

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