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How to Safely & Successfully Move a Piano

A piano is such a fragile, heavy, and expensive item to pack and move. This task is very tedious and requires serious preparation in order to avoid any potential damage. Typically, pianos weigh between 300 to 1000 pounds, so it’s definitely a smart idea to hire professional movers to pack and move it for you. However, if you want to do it yourself, here are some tips to help you out!

Purchase the Right Moving Supplies

Whether you’re moving an upright piano or a grand piano, you will have to purchase several moving blankets to ensure that its completely protected. An expensive instrument like this isn’t easily replicable, so it’s important that you avoid all potential scratches and dents. Make sure that you purchase several rolls of tape to keep the blankets together. Also get a dolly that’s capable of holding the pianos weight and transporting it to the moving truck. For a grand piano, it would be better to purchase a piano board with straps, to safely move it into the truck.

Find People to Help!

Depending on the size of the piano, you may need a lot of people to help you with this. If it’s a small piano, find at least 4, but if its bigger than you will need as many hands as you can get! Make sure to wear appropriate clothes and shoes with good traction.

Measure Doorways, Staircases & Hallways

Before moving the piano, take measurements of your current household and your new one so that you can see how much room you have to move the piano along. Also, make sure you protect the floors and walls in both your old and new home, in case you accidentally hit the piano up against something. Do this so that you can avoid scratches on the walls, floors and the piano.

Moving the Upright Piano

When moving an upright piano, your priority is to protect the piano keys and pedals. You can do this by covering it with a lot of blankets and tape. Once that’s done, cover the rest of the piano with the remainder of your blankets. Next, you and your team of helpers will safely place the piano onto the dolly. Make sure you have enough people to hold all sides of the instrument to avoid injuries and piano damages. Use the proper lifting techniques throughout the entire process!

Moving a Grand Piano

Prior to moving the grand piano, lower and secure the top of the lid. If possible, safely and efficiently disassemble the piano pedals and legs, then take the legs off. When doing this, make sure your team is holding it in place so that the side of the piano doesn’t fall to the ground. Once this is done, wrap the lid, keys, and every side of the piano in blankets and tape. The legs and pedals that you took off prior must be wrapped as well. Finally, place it on the piano board and secure it. Once you get to your new home, get the team of people to help you re-assemble the piano with legs and pedals.

Hire Armando Movers

Be confident that your valuable piano is packed and moved safely and efficiently by contacting the experts at Armando Movers. This way, you’ll experience less stress on an already stressful moving day!