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How to Protect Your Floors During a Move

When you’re transferring items from the moving truck to the inside of your new home, it’s vital that you’re extra careful. One wrong move can make scratches, dents or a gouge in your new floors. You’ve already spent a lot of money on moving alone, avoid spending more when you don’t have to! Here are some ways to protect your new floors during a move.

Use Doormats

Depending on the weather conditions, wet floors, leaves, grass or mud can easily make even a very careful mover take a misstep while moving your items. Avoid this by placing sturdy doormats all along the entryway.

Place Rugs or Blankets on the Floors

Placing rugs or blankets on all the floors will provide you and your movers with a sense of relief. While moving in heavy items including furniture, your floors will be more susceptible to damage. Avoid this by using your old rugs throughout the home, so that you can remove them after and feel satisfied that your floors have been untouched, without even one scratch!

Wrap Furniture Legs and Edges with Soft, Durable Blankets

Wrapping the sharp edges of your furniture will not only protect your floors, but also your walls in case you’re moving through a tight corridor. Use bubble wrap or protective blankets for maximum protection.

Measure the Corridors of Your New Home

Before you begin moving items in your new home, take some measurements so you can determine the best way to move everything efficiently, without risking any scratches. Prepping will help you avoid the stress and time of dealing with jammed doorways or tight hallways, which can lead to floor scratches if you’re not extremely careful.

Use Floor Sliders

These make the job easier for everyone! Floor sliders save you and your movers from heavy lifting since you can roll your furniture, rather than carry it. They will leave you feeling stress free since and you can be confident that after the move, you won’t be surprised with any bumps or scuffs.

Use Dollies to Move Heavy Boxes

Dollies with rubber wheels can be extremely helpful when moving the heavier items. Ensure that the wheels are soft!

Hire the Professionals at Armando Movers

With Armando Movers, you don’t have to worry about potential damage on your new floors. Our team will ensure that we take all the right precautions prior to transferring items into your new home. Contact us today!