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How to Protect Your Belongings During a Move

A home move can be stressful for several reasons, one of them being the safety of your belongings. While moving fragile, delicate and valuable possessions, it’s important to ensure that they’re packed properly in order to avoid potential breakage. If you’re worried about the survival of some of your most prized possessions, then keep reading for some tips that will help you protect your items and leave you feeling at ease during your move!
Appropriate Boxes
Prior to packing, make sure that you purchased the appropriate boxes for all of your items. With a moving company like Armando Movers, you won’t have to worry about your belongings ending up in the wrong box. However, if you want to save time and money and begin packing, there’s a lot to consider when picking out the right box. Choosing a box that’s the right size is the most important. You have to choose boxes that are the perfect size in comparison to your items. If the box is too big, then this will more likely cause damage to your items. This also effects how the box is placed in the moving truck. When the box seems bigger, it might get placed below heavier items, which is something you’ll want to avoid in order to prevent damage to your items. Make sure to use boxes suitable to your items. For example, you should pack your TV in the same box that it came in, so hopefully you have it stored somewhere still. Also, be sure to search what material works best for your items. You don’t want to move your liquids in a cardboard box, it might get damp during the move. Some essential boxes include: wardrobe boxes, picture/mirror boxes and dish boxes.
Padding is a must! For boxes with fragile items, ensure that you have foam peanuts, bubble wrap, newspaper or tissue paper in order to cushion your items as much as possible to avoid breakage.
Contact your insurance company to find out what items will be covered, either fully or partially in case of damage during your move.
Try to wrap as many items as possible, especially ones that will scratch easily. Use some old blankets or towels – this will help protect expensive items such as furniture. You should also invest in some plastic wrap so that the drawers on your cupboards and appliances don’t open while in the moving truck.
Hire the Professionals at Armando Movers
Lessen your to-do list and contact Armando Movers so that you can be confident that your belongings are packed properly and ready to move safely to your new home. We will make sure that your possessions arrive to your home clean, crisp and in one piece!