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How to Prepare for Your Office Relocation

Create a Timeline
Keep organized by making a checklist and timeline including all the essential stages of your move. Confirm the feasibility of the plan with your co-workers and all other team members involved in the move so they can provide you with suggestions. Ensure that when you’re planning, you’re realistic about how much time you’ll need. Small offices may require approximately 3 months to prepare, meanwhile a large office may need 6-8 months or more. Decide whether there will be a phased move, or if everyone will be moving on the same date. Plan out whether or not your staff needs cards or keys to access the new building in advance. Finally, don’t forget the most important part – figuring out what vendors you’ll need. Research about tucks, moving companies, boxes and a clean-up crew or cleaning service.
Organize Important Documents
Start by organizing important documents such as insurance records, contracts, agreements and any other records. Ensure that all your digital documents and projects are backed up on a separate storage space to keep them safe during the move.
Design the New Office Layout
The design of the new office is a vital component of ensuring a successful move. Try getting blueprints or floor layouts of your new space so you can identify how to organize your office according to the electrical outlets and storage space. Create a list of potential troubles you may have with your new space and discuss them with your employees. Figure out whether you have a smaller reception area, less storage or a larger open space that needs more cubicles.
Ask for Help
Once you’ve decided your moving date, one of the first and most important things you should do is ask volunteers, employees, friends and family to help you move. Designate responsibilities for planning, packing, unpacking and organizing. Ensure that all your employees are responsible for packing their own desk, files and personal items.
Let People Know About Your Move
Make sure that everyone important to the success of your business knows about your move. Notify those you do business with, including suppliers and clients. Inform customers and clients about your relocation and explain how the business will operate during the move. This information is crucial so that your customers don’t decide to get their services elsewhere. Assign this as a task to one person who can oversee this issue and make sure that everything is executed correctly.
Make Arrangements for your Children and Pets
Moving is stressful enough. When you’re moving with a pet or child it can get even more chaotic. Ensure that you make plans for them to be at a different location on moving day so that you don’t confuse them or stress them out.
Ask for Help
Arrange for your family, friends or neighbours to help you with packing preparation. Moving takes a lot of time, so you should reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure that you have all hands-on deck and can move efficiently.
Find a Moving Company
Determine your budget, do your research, ask the right questions in order to decide on the best moving company. Armando Movers is a reliable team of professionals who can assist you in your office move. We have earned a solid reputation for our hard work, dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction. Call us today to help you with your office move!