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How to Pack Your Kitchenware

Your kitchen is probably one of the most difficult rooms to pack. It’s not something you can rush through – you have to be extra careful with all the fragile plates and expensive appliances. If you pack these items incorrectly, then you could arrive at your new home with broken plates and shattered glasses. Don’t stress, it’s easy to avoid this! Here are some tips on how to pack your kitchen for your move.


Hopefully you’ve kept the boxes from when you purchased your appliances. If not, you may need to purchase medium or large-sized boxes. For large appliances, make sure you prepare them at least 24 hours in advance. Doing this will prevent you from inconveniences such as gas leaks, broken parts and the appliance breaking overall. Use the manual to determine how to prepare and pack it. Before packing it in a box, use bubble wrap, double layer newspaper or packing paper to wrap the metal or plastic parts of the appliance. Put the heaviest part of your appliance on the bottom of the box, and lighter parts on the top.


At the bottom of the box, place some bubble wrap or packing paper. Ensure that you wrap each dish with some packing paper and then stack them one at a time, by adding more paper or bubble wrap between every 3 dishes. This will prevent them from breaking, scratching and rubbing. Have the dishes standing up next to each other, vertically in the box. The same goes for large dishes, plates and bowls.


Glasses can be wrapped in packing paper, or in t-shirts and tank tops if you want to avoid spending more money. Stack the glasses in your box standing up, it may easily break if you stack them sideways.

Pots & Pans

Since pots and pans aren’t too heavy, you can place them in a larger box. Wrap each pot and pan individually to avoid scratches. Place pots in the box on their bottoms and pans vertically.

Plastic & Tupperware

This is one of the easiest items to pack in your kitchen. Depending on how much Tupperware you have, you can choose the size box that works for you. Save space by placing each container inside each other.

Canned Foods

Pack these in smaller boxes since the weight of the cans will add up. With cans, you can group them together and wrap them in paper, unless they’re glass then you need to wrap them individually.

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