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How to Pack Lightly for Your Home Move

A good way to save time and money on your home move is by packing lightly. This way, you won’t need as many people to help you do the job, you can get a smaller moving truck and you will spend less time packing and unpacking – a process that is arguably one of the most stressful tasks when moving. Sometimes, decluttering your home can be hard. When you go through your belongings, you may feel like you need everything!

Here are some tips to help you declutter your home and pack lightly.  

Begin the Process Early

Don’t leave all the packing to the last minute! When you give yourself time, it’ll be easier to decide what you want to keep and what you’ll leave behind. Avoid the stressful feeling of being in a rush, think about packing as soon as you get the moving date. Once this is done, create a checklist of all the packing materials you need to purchase and another one with important items to bring with you to your new home.

Don’t Hoard Your Items!

If you haven’t used the item in a year, chances are that you won’t need it. With the entire packing process, you have to ask yourself “do I really need this?” Be honest with yourself, you probably don’t. If you bring all the items you think that you “might use one day” then you will have a much more difficult time sorting through all your belongings when you’re packing and unpacking. Instead of hoarding your possessions, be realistic and donate or sell them.  With the money you make from selling some of these items, you can use it to pay off some of your moving expenses.

Be Organized and Smart

Begin the process by creating a detailed list of all your belongings. When everything’s written down, it will help you keep track of your possessions and it will be easier to devise a plan for organizing them. Finally, make a keep, donate, and sell pile.

The packing process can be overwhelming, so start with the least occupied room. When considering expenses, don’t purchase too much new packing equipment. Look online or at marketplaces and see where they’re giving away boxes for free or for a cheaper price. If you bring less items with you, then you won’t have to set aside as much money for packing supplies! When you realize how much packing supplies cost, ask yourself if it’s worth it to bring those extra belongings that you barely use. Once packed, make sure you label every box with the room and the specific item in the box – doing this will make the unpacking process more efficient.

Revisit the “Keep” Pile

Once everything is organized, revisit the “keep” pile. Go through it one more time and ask yourself if you need some of these items, or if they’re better off in the “donate” or “sell” pile. If you’re hesitating, then that’s a sign that it’s not worth it to keep the items.

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