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Helpful Tips for Loading a Moving Truck

When you’re loading a moving truck, you’ll want to make sure the items are placed strategically so that your belongings are safe and you’re able to make the most out of your space. Stay organized and make your moving day as easy as possible with some of these tips!

Heavy Items are Always First!

Heavy objects such as kitchen appliances and washing machines should always be loaded in the moving truck first before anything else. These belongings should be kept up against the wall, in an upright position and placed on the front and back of the truck so that it can remain balanced. To protect these expensive, heavy objects, cover them in padding.

Long Items

Long items such as mattresses, long mirrors, sofas and table tops should be placed upright against the walls of the truck. This will help you make more space in the truck. When packing mattresses and sofas, use mattress covers to ensure you avoid any rips and tears.

Disassemble Furniture

Furniture usually takes up a large amount of space. To save room in the truck, disassemble it and distribute the furniture evenly. For instance, with the dining table, you can place the top of it upright on the wall of the truck, with the legs separately beside it so that it takes up less room. Roll up your carpets and tape them closed on both of the ends so that they don’t unravel. Place carpets on the floor of the truck.

Load Lightest Items Last

Once you’ve finished packing all your heavy items, then you can start with all your medium and lightweight objects. Place your moving boxes, small appliances and small furniture items onto the truck. Make sure all these items are protected or placed in their original boxes. Find the original box for your television for example, so you know for sure that it likely won’t endure any damage on the way to your new home. Place lighter items on top of the heavy ones so that they don’t get crushed underneath.

Important Documents

Make sure that you keep all your important documents or items you use on a daily basis with you. Pack an overnight bag so that you don’t have to scrummage through the boxes when you arrive to your new home.

Hire the Professionals at Armando Movers

If you move with Armando Movers, we will ensure that all your items are loaded onto the truck correctly, efficiently and safely so that they arrive to your new home in the exact same condition! Contact us today and let our team make this stressful day easier on you!