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Bright Ideas for Packing and Moving Lamps

Since lamps are an odd shape, they can be extremely challenging items to pack. Once you start disassembling your lamps, you might come to the conclusion that it’s not worth it to move them at all. They’re fragile and will likely get damaged if you don’t take the right precautions. However, if you’re really insistent on bringing your lamps with you, then they can still be transported safely and successfully!

Here are some steps you should take when packing and moving your lamps.

Supplies You Need

Some essential supplies you’ll need include:

  • Moving boxes
  • Packing paper
  • Tape
  • Market
  • Foam and other protective material

Start by removing the lamp shade and harp

Remove the lampshade by taking it off the lightbulb or unscrewing the finial, then remove the lightbulb to remove the harp. The harp is known as the “U” shaped metal that holds the shade. Set them to aside for now.

Remove the lightbulb

Since the lightbulb is so fragile, it likely won’t survive the trip to your new home. Avoid the stress of potentially damaged items and leave them for the new homeowners or donate them to family and friends.

Gather the cord

Bundle the cord together in a safe manner so that it doesn’t tangle or break. Keep it secure with some twist ties and elastics.

Wrap base with paper padding

Place the base on the corner of the paper padding and wrap it tightly. If you need to, feel free to tape it together.

Place it upright in the box and use packing paper

Stuff the bottom of the box with packing paper for padding and then place the lamp inside. For some taller lamps, you may require a lamp box.

Wrap the harp and finial in packing paper

For protection, wrap these in packing paper and tape the paper to ensure that its securely wrapped. Place all the parts in the same box as the base. Before taping and closing the box, place as much packing paper in there as you can so that the lamp holds still.

Use a separate box for the lamp shade & line with packing paper

This is one of the most fragile parts of the lamp, so make sure you use a completely different box. Line the box with packing paper for extra padding, and then place the shade inside. Once this is done, take more paper and place it inside the shade. If you’re moving several lamp shades, then pack them all in one box by nesting them inside one another.

Fill all gaps with packing paper

Before closing the box, it’s crucial that you fill every gap with packing paper.

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