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Avoid Damaging Your Furniture During a Move

Moving day can come with plenty of disasters if you aren’t prepared or if you didn’t pack your items correctly. One of the main worries people have when moving is damaging their expensive, quality furniture. If you aren’t careful, then your move can be costlier than you anticipated!

Here are some tips on how to carefully move your furniture.  

Wrap Your Furniture

Protect the furniture by wrapping it in several moving blankets to avoid getting nicks and scratches on the items and the walls. A more expensive, but effective option would also be to purchase sofa covers to the exact measurements of the furniture. You can also get plastic wrap to cover the furniture, as this tear-resistant material will benefit you while transferring the items from your home to the truck.

Disassemble Furniture

To make the process of moving your furniture easier, disassemble every piece that you can so that they turn into smaller items instead of one big, bulky item. Furniture that usually should be taken apart includes bed frames, tables and modular sofas. Try to find the original assembly instructions so you know how to put it back together later on.

Organize Screws, Nuts and Bolts

It’s easy for screws, nuts and bolts to get lost while taking apart your furniture. Make sure this doesn’t happen by placing them in sealed plastic bags, labelled with the corresponding furniture. This way, you won’t be panicking and looking for lost parts.

Use Moving Equipment

Moving small furniture like chairs and small tables is easy to do by yourself. However, for something like a grand piano, pool table, heavy chairs, or any other large piece of furniture, its essential to get moving. Purchase a dolly so that you can easily transfer your furniture

Get People to Help You

Prior to moving the grand piano, lower and secure the top of the lid. If possible, safely and efficiently disassemble the piano pedals and legs, then take the legs off. When doing this, make sure your team is holding it in place so that the side of the piano doesn’t fall to the ground. Once this is done, wrap the lid, keys, and every side of the piano in blankets and tape. The legs and pedals that you took off prior must be wrapped as well. Finally, place it on the piano board and secure it. Once you get to your new home, get the team of people to help you re-assemble the piano with legs and pedals.

Hire Armando Movers

Feel comfortable that your furniture is safe and protected on the way to your new home by contacting the professionals at Armando Movers to move it for you!