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8 Things You Should do When Moving into Your New Home

Finally, you can feel a sense of relief because you’ve successfully moved into your new home! However, don’t get too comfortable yet. There are some important things you should do before you settle down and begin unpacking.
Change the Locks and Set up Security
For security purposes, your first priority should be to change the locks as soon as possible. You don’t know who has access to your home – make sure you and your family are the only people who have access. If your door is missing a deadbolt, ensure you get that installed as well. To increase your safety, invest in a home security system and you’ll sleep comfortably in your new home.
Check Plumbing Leaks
Before closing, your home inspector will check for leaks. However, you should certainly double check once you get in and pay attention for dripping faucets, running toilets, and leaks in your water heater.
Steam Carpets
Before you place your furniture in your new home, steam the carpets. Cleanliness will allow you to be more comfortable with the conditions of your home. Either hire a professional carpet cleaning service, or rent a steamer and do it yourself!
Wipe out Cabinets
Using a non-toxic cleaner, ensure that you wipe down your cabinets before you insert dishes and bathroom supplies.
Turn on Utilities
Notify your utility companies to transfer gas, water, electrical, trash and sewer to your name. Don’t wait until you have no electricity to figure out that you forgot to call the utility companies!
Plug in Appliances
Ensure that all your appliances are plugged in and functioning properly. For instance, during a movie, many people unplug the refrigerator and turn it off. You won’t want to wait until you’ve done all your grocery shopping to figure this out.
Change Mailing Address When you’re packing for the move, make sure to keep essentials with you within the first 24 hours of your move. This way, when you arrive to your new home, you have easy access to pajamas, toothbrushes, facewash and any other necessities. Also, before your move, make sure you labelled all your boxes correctly. Doing this will make the moving in process easier because you can tell the movers to place your boxes in the appropriate rooms they belong in so they’re easier to unpack.
Call the Professionals
Moving in can be just as chaotic as moving out. However, if you Contact the professionals at Armando Movers, the process will go seamlessly – Let us help you achieve a stress free moving day!