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7 Tips for Coping with Moving Stress

Now that the moving process has commenced, you’re probably finding it a lot more work than you thought. You might be wondering, “how can I make this move less stressful and instead, more enjoyable?” Moving is an exciting time in your life, and although it’s very demanding, there are several ways to make the process seem easier and less hectic! Here’s how.

A Positive Attitude

Whether or not it was your choice to move, you have to try your best to adopt the right point of view. A positive attitude will make the process go smoothly since you’ll be more relaxed throughout. Keep reminding yourself of all the good that can come out of moving homes – meeting new people, having new experiences, and hopefully creating a better life for yourself. Positivity will help you stay productive and transform the entire experience.

Research the New Area

Transitioning to a new community is easier if you research about it ahead of time. Search around for some cool coffee shops, restaurants, parks, gyms, places to work and more. Start implementing a routine so that you’re ready to start living as soon as you get there!


Since moving takes ample time and energy, it’s vital that you stay organized so that you can avoid most stress. Make checklists, categorize everything, label boxes, hire movers well in advance. You don’t want to be moving last minute – if you wait too long, the move could be nerve-wracking. Before you move, change your address on important documents, cancel subscriptions and clean. This will ensure that you stay organized and avoid unnecessary stress.

Gather the Right Supplies

Ensure that you’re not worrying about the safety of your possessions by gathering the right supplies. If your items aren’t packed correctly, then you can expect some damages, especially for long distance moves. Take extra care of your belongings and purchase sturdy boxes, moving blankets, bubble wrap and other essentials. Consider hiring a reputable moving company like Armando Movers and you can be stress-free knowing that the professionals packing and moving your belongings have done this several times before.

Take Care of Your Emotions

Let yourself feel all your emotions. Moving is life-changing and will bring about lots of excitement and worry. Don’t bottle up your emotions! Accept what’s going on and say your goodbyes to family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and anyone else you’re leaving behind. Turn to the people close to you for support and let it all out so that you don’t feel as upset.

Unpack ASAP

Don’t leave unpacking to the last minute. One of the best ways to get yourself comfortable in your new home is by unpacking. The sooner you’re settled, the easier it will be to start your life.

Hire Armando Movers

The absolute best way to cope with moving stress is by hiring the professionals at Armando Movers to help you through this nerve-wracking process! Be confident that your move will go as planned with our highly-qualified, experienced staff.