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6 Things People Forget to do Before Moving

As you know, packing your home is a stressful, time consuming process. Amidst the chaotic process of moving, it’s easy to forget that you have to complete certain tasks or pack essential items. To ensure that your move is runs smoothly, it’s important to stay organized and prepared. Here’s a list of things people forget to do before they move, so you don’t make the same mistake!


One of the most important items people often forget to pack are their personal documents. Make sure that when you start the moving process, you keep a folder of important documents such as birth certificates, passports, diplomas, employment documents, financial documents, mortgages and other vital documents. If you have children, check whether or not you need documents from their school in order to smoothly transition into the next school. Collect your medical documents and transfer them to the pharmacy near your new home.

Let People Know You’re Moving

When moving, it’s easy to forget to inform your utility providers, bank, doctor’s office and post office that you’re moving. You should do this at least a month prior to moving, to ensure that all the documents are prepared when you settle in your new home. If you have any subscriptions to things in the area, then make sure you cancel them! You’ll want to avoid paying for the subscription to your local newspaper when you’ve left your old home. If you have a gym membership, let them know about your move as well.


This small item can easily get lost throughout the moving process. Make sure to collect all the keys and place them in a spot that you’ll remember. Locate all your old house keys and your new ones so that you can avoid getting to your new home and being locked out.

Valuable Items

Typically, people tend to hide away their valuable items in a safety deposit box or a secret spot in their home. These items likely aren’t used on a regular basis, so they can be easy to forget. Don’t make the mistake of losing these expensive, meaningful items and remember to keep these as some of the main items on your checklist so that you don’t leave the house without them.

Items at the Dry Cleaner

Since these clothing items won’t be in your home, it’s simple to forget them during the hectic process of packing all your clothes. Double check if you’ve left anything at your local dry cleaners.


You don’t want to have to spend money to re-purchase gardening or household tools. Often, these items are located outside your house, so it’s common to forget them. Double check your storage areas, including the shed in your backyard, and the storage space in the basement or garage.

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