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5 Tips for Moving Long Distances

Executing a long-distance move is costly, difficult and time consuming. Long-distance moving requires a lot more planning and preparation in order for it to be successful. Avoid the challenges complicated by far or international moving – here are some tips to ease your stress!

Make a Strong Plan & a Detailed Checklist!

There’s a lot of pressure when you realize that you have to successfully move all of your possessions hundreds or thousands of miles away. Since this is such a strenuous, enormous task, it’s important that you devise a feasible plan and make a detailed checklist of everything you need to bring. Also, make a day-by-day and week-by-week checklist of everything you have to do so that you can manage your time better and get tasks done on time.

Update Important Documents

Moving to a new home requires you to change your information on several important documents and in a lot of different places. For instance, one of the main pieces of information you should update is your driver’s license and registration. Other documents can include insurance and utilities. Do your research and see what you need to have updated, prior to moving into your new home.

Plan Out the Space in Your New Home

Before you bring all your belongings to your new home, find out what will fit. You won’t want to waste money bringing furniture that’s too big or too many items that might clutter your space. Find out how much open floor space is in your new home before you start packing!

Don’t Bring Too Many Items

Try your best to leave most of your belongings behind. On top of getting rid of clothes you never wear, leave behind appliances you don’t use. Have a garage sale so you can profit off these items, or simply donate them. Eliminating most of your belongings will make moving a far distance less stressful and it will be more cost effective.

Consider Distance When Packing Your Belongings

Long-distance moves require you to be much more careful when packing your belongings. For instance, if you’re moving several fragile items, wrap them in bubble wrap, paper and old t-shirts for more padding. Be extra careful with your belongings!

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