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5 Tips For an Eco-Friendly Move

In some ways, home moving can be harmful to the environment. Although you can’t completely prevent this issue, there are several ways you can help by taking the right steps to remain eco-friendly during your move.
Leave Behind Some Belongings
De-clutter your belongings by only packing the items you really need. Packing less items means you will have a smaller shipment, and ultimately, won’t need as much space in the moving truck or car. With a smaller truck and fewer trips back and forth from your old to new home, this means less fuel and carbon emission will be released into the environment. Ensure that when you dump your belongings, you dispose of them properly and avoid just throwing them in the garbage, where it will end up placed in a landfill. Donate Items
If your possessions are still in good condition, then give them to your friends or family members who may appreciate some of these items. You also have the option to donate unwanted items to charitable organizations that collect furniture, electronics, clothes and more. Make some money off your move by having a garage sale or selling your items online that may be useful for other people. Avoid the landfill, your belongings can be put towards better use!
Properly Dispose Hazardous Material
When you’re moving with a professional company, hazardous materials won’t be allowed on the truck due to the risks of corrosion, explosion, and other serious damage. Even if you decide to self-move, this can be extremely dangerous. Read the label to find out what the disposal instructions are so you can properly get rid of these substances. Otherwise, give these to your neighbours or friends who may actually need these items themselves.
Use Eco-Friendly Packaging
The first step you should take when considering your moving boxes are to ask your friends, neighbours, or family if they have any spare boxes that they aren’t going to use again. You can even visit local stores and speak to their managers about getting some free boxes from them. Cardboard boxes are durable and can last for a couple of moves before they’re not good anymore. If you’re okay with spending a little more to help the environment, consider using plastic bins made from recycled plastic. These are the best investment – they’re strong, durable and hardly endure any damage. Finally, use bubble wrap with recycled content or biodegradable packing peanuts.
Recycle Electronic Waste
Electronic items can be recycled, however not all of them can fit in the garbage. Call a local company to move these electronics for you!
Contact the Professionals!
Armando Movers hopes for a more eco-friendly environment. If you move with us, we will help you achieve a green move! Contact us today.