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5 Things to do Before Moving into Your New Home

Part of preparing for your home move is planning for a life in your new home. There are several tasks to complete on moving day, so this can be quite overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead. Determine the changes you need to make to your new place, before you move in and set up. This is a crucial task, here’s how to complete is successfully!


Making changes to a home is always harder when all of your belongings are placed inside. If you can, try to make any wanted renovations before you move in. This way, you won’t have to deal with disruptive noises and breathing in the extra dirt and debris. If you don’t complete renovations beforehand, then you’ll be stuck settling into your new home while dreading the sounds of drilling and banging for several days. Plus, renovations usually create a mess, which will be significantly harder to deal with if you’re already moved in. Also, if you have a small child, don’t be surprised when it disrupts them as well.


Before you set up belongings in your new home, hire a cleaning crew to thoroughly clean around the house. It will cost you extra, however, if you’re starting fresh then you’ll want your home to be too! There are already enough tasks for you to complete on moving day, so get this one off the list. A house is always easier to clean when it’s empty!


With utilities, it’s important to plan ahead. Set up your electricity, heating, water and other necessities before you move in. Contact the utility provider in your new city and make sure you’re covered so that you aren’t stuck in your new home on moving day without the essentials. Research rates and compare them so that you get the best possible deal and make sure the utilities are ready to activate on the day you arrive to your new home.


Determining the furniture layout around the home will make the moving process much easier and faster. Take advantage of the fact that you hired home movers to do your heavy lifting and make sure they place the TV or sofa in the room you prefer! This way, you’re not carrying everything around several times, with no idea where to put it. Doing this will make transferring the items an easier, more organized task.

Inspect the Home

Avoid any unpleasant surprises and thoroughly inspect your new home before moving in. You should begin by checking the wiring and plumbing. Faulty wires are capable of causing blackouts and fires, while poor plumbing and leaking pipes will cause massive water damage to the property. Also, make sure to evaluate the energy efficiency so you can determine any spots that may need additional layers of insulation. Your move is already expensive; avoid spending extra money with this simple step.

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