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5 Reasons You Should Move Homes in the Spring and Summer

Moving homes is a long, difficult, and costly process – so sometimes, the date of your move isn’t always the first priority. However, it should definitely be considered more often, as it can affect the expenses and time involved in the process. Don’t just decide on a random day, consider all your options! Here are some reasons why moving during warm-weather seasons could be best for you.

The Housing Market is at its Prime

Selling your property and finding a new one can be a hard process. Typically, in the spring and summer seasons, more houses are on the market, which means more variety to choose from!

Garage Sales

When moving homes, you’ll have plenty of items to dispose of or donate. Moving during warm weather works out in your favor because it’s the prime time for garage sales! Not only is this an easy way to get rid of unwanted items, but you can also earn some money to help pay for the costly process of moving.

Nice Weather

Since you obviously have to place all the items safely and correctly in the moving truck, you will be spending a good portion of your time outdoors. Moving in the snow, ice or rain can be dangerous, cost more money and make the move a longer process. That’s why moving in warm, clear weather will be pleasant and much more efficient.

Families with Children

Timing is important, especially if you have children. Moving during the summer is easier on them since they have the time off and can start fresh at their new school in September. Also, when you move with children while they’re in school, it can be disruptive as they may miss out on important lessons.

Avoid the Holidays

Although there are a few summer holidays, the ones during the winter season tend to take up the most time for many people. Avoid all this extra stress – the holidays and the moving process are stressful enough as 2 separate occasions. You won’t want to mesh it together!

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