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4 Simple Steps for Changing Utilities When You Move

Performing an efficient move requires more effort than just transferring your belongings from one home to the other. You must prioritize making calls regarding subscriptions, paperwork, and most importantly, your utilities. When you get to your new home, you’ll want to be certain that you can turn the lights on, cook a hot meal and use the internet.

Moving utilities requires you to start planning in advance. If you haven’t yet, then don’t panic! With these 4 steps, you will surely complete this task with ease.

Try your best to plan in advance

It’s important that you don’t wait until the last minute to transfer your utilities. Set up a utilities plan at least 3 weeks prior to your moving date. If you leave this task to the last minute, you’ll likely be scrambling for the best options, be stuck paying additional costs or worst-case scenario, have to wait for the new services to be turned on.

Make a utilities list

Devise a list of all your utilities so that you don’t forget to contact them. Typically, the ones you will contact include: electricity, gas, water, phone, internet, cable, garbage and any other monthly service that’s tied to your home. Make sure to have your utilities shut off at your current place on the moving date and turned on a day prior to your move in date.

Arranging new utilities

Once you created a list, evaluate whether you’re going to have a future relationship with these companies. Conclude whether or not you’re forced to change company’s due to your new location. Utility providers are typically determined by your location, so you likely won’t have a choice in who your provider is. Research the rules, payments or changes that may differ from your previous location.

For optional services including telephone, cable, internet and home security, decide whether or not you’re satisfied with these services. If you need a change, then research other companies in the area.

Find out your current owed balance and record it

Record your final meter reading for water, electricity and gas before you move. This way, you won’t be charged with an unexpected utility bill in the future. Recording your meter reading will prove that you haven’t continued using the utilities. Make sure to write down the information and take a picture.

Contact Armando Movers

Once you have your utilities sorted out, contact a reputable moving company like Armando Movers to transfer your belongings! Our professional moving crew members are friendly, efficient and experienced, so there’s never any concern about who will be handling your valuables and delivering them safely.