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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Moving Company

Moving homes requires plenty of work, time and planning. Avoid common moving mistakes and hire a professional moving company so you can ensure that your plans run smoothly. You can’t just hire any moving company, not all of them are reputable. If you don’t do your research, you might involve yourself in a scam, which will make the process a lot harder than it already is. Hire the best moving company possible by following these tips!

Plan Early

Don’t find a moving company last minute, make sure you plan ahead or else you might settle for one of the first companies you researched without investigating them enough. This small step can make or break your move. Hiring a moving company will cost you extra money, so you better make sure they’re a good one! Or else, you may be spending more than you thought. Plus, if you find that a moving company is available really last minute, then that’s typically a red flag. Be careful and plan early.

Read Plenty of Reviews

The best place to find reviews is online or through word of mouth. Ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations. You’ll always feel more comfortable when you know that someone has had a successful experience with the company before. Search reviews from sites that are reliable and unbiased. The company may have flawless testimonials on their page, but it’s better to do some deep researching first. Don’t forget that you are trusting them with your ENTIRE household. Take reviews very seriously.

Find Experts for Specialty Items

Not all transporting companies can move fragile items such as grand pianos, gym equipment, fish tanks or pool tables. Ensure that if you have any hard-to-move items, that you choose a company that specializes in moving them.

Get Estimates

Once you come up with a list of moving companies, contact them and ask for estimates. The main rule in this industry is: if a moving company doesn’t give you an on-site estimate, then you definitely shouldn’t hire them.

Don’t Pay a Large Deposit

A reputable moving company won’t ever demand cash or ask for a large deposit prior to moving. Look for a company that only makes you pay upon delivery. If you make the mistake of paying in advance, then you’ll never know when you see your belongings.

Find out What’s Included in the Cost

Make sure you ask the right questions! Compare each quote you get by determining what’s included. Ask questions such as: Do I pack everything myself or do movers pack for me? Will you provide moving supplies? Which moving supplies will you provide? Is fuel included in the price or is it an extra fee? Doing this will help you avoid any unwanted surprises.

Is the company licensed?

Deeply investigate the companies you choose. If you’re moving to another state for example, the company has to be licensed by the Department of Transportation for it to be legit. Check that their license number is in the Department of Transportation database to ensure that they meet all the requirements.

Quality VS Price

One rule of thumb is that cheap movers aren’t good and good movers aren’t cheap! Know when you’re being overcharged or when a price just seems too good to be true. We’re not saying that a high-price always means that the company is better, we’re just saying to make quality your #1 priority. Consider all the essential factors like price, reputation and the services included in the price.

Avoid Blank Moving Contracts

Get every detail involved in the move in writing. Ensure that the contract includes all extra fees, as well as pick-up and delivery dates. Also, make sure that all your belongings are on the inventory list, that way if anything gets lost, you can claim it. You don’t want to leave out anything expensive and then have troubles getting it back.


Determine what kind of insurance your moving company offers so that all of your important belongings are protected.

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