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Safety Tips while Moving

moving safetyWith the number of things that need to be done during a move, people can sometimes forget about personal safety. Moving large furniture can be really difficult, and comes with the risk of getting injured. It is important to follow proper steps in order to reduce the chance of a moving-related injury. In order to avoid any injuries, it’s necessary for you to understand proper furniture moving safety procedures.

The best way to move your large furniture is to have it moved by a professional moving company. However, if you choose to start moving some furniture yourself, please follow these steps:

Create space

The first thing you need to do is create space and remove any potential hazards.  Clear the hallways and pathways that lead outside the house. If you have a truck, make sure to have it parked in an open space with easy access from the house.

Have the right equipment

If you have heavy furniture to move you should use dollies to assist you. Dollies allow you to move multiple or heavy boxes much faster and more efficiently.

Always lift properly

Make sure to lift any boxes or furniture with your legs and hips, while keeping your back straight. Push furniture rather than pull it. You should also make sure that you look forward while moving any large pieces of furniture.

Make sure boxes aren’t heavy

It’s best to keep boxes under 50 pounds. Any heavy items like books or kitchen items should be packed into smaller boxes. This makes it easier to pick up and carry.

Have a first aid kit handy

In case of any minor of major injuries, you should have a first aid kit handy.

Be comfortable

Moving is a lot easier when you’re dressed comfortably. You don’t want to wear clothes that could be restricting. Wear loose comfortable clothing during the move.

Last but certainly not least, use common sense

Don’t have unrealistic expectations of yourself or anyone else. Don’t try to move as many boxes as possible at one time. Use common sense and move an appropriate number of items at a time. Be sure to take breaks when you need it.

The Bottom Line

Be aware that some jobs are just too large and stressful to tackle on your own. Don’t be afraid to hire a professional moving company. Choosing a company like Armando Movers is great because they do all the heavy lifting and loading for you.

Follow these safety tips during your move to ensure you have a very successful and safe moving day.

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