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Moving with Kids

moving with kids

Moving to a new house is stressful as it is, but with kids in the mix, it adds another level of stress and concerns.

Luckily for you, Armando Movers have put together a list of things you can do to make the process run smoothly for you and your children.

Prepare the kids

Your kids may be feeling anxious about the big move. You can try to ease their anxiety by explaining what will happen during the move and what they can expect. It is important to make the move fun and exciting for your children.

Visit the new neighbourhood

If you really want your kids to enjoy the moving experience, take them to the new neighbourhood before the move and allow them to explore. This will make the new environment less unfamiliar when you move in.

Visit the new school

If your kids are changing schools, you should arrange a time to visit the school before school starts. They may be very nervous about going to the new school, so to ease their nerves, let them have a tour of the school.

Let your kids decorate their new room

Once you move into your new home, you should allow your kids to pick out the colour they want for their room. You may even want to let them pick out other furniture for the room. They will feel more comfortable in their new house/room if they can put their own stamp on it.

Pre-Moving Prep

Letting your kids help pack or label boxes is often a forgotten step by most parents. It’s important to let your kids help with packing because it helps them understand the process and come to the realization of what they can expect.

Pack A Suitcase

Another important tip is to allow your kids to pack a suitcase with their favourite belongings. You can consider this their survival kit. They will be able to bring their belongings in the car with them. This will give them a sense of comfort during the move.

Once you arrive at the new home, have them unpack their suitcase so they will be able to feel right at home.

Moving In

Before you start unpacking, you should unpack your kid’s belongings and set up their room first. You want them to be comfortable in their new room, so the sooner you set it up the faster they will be able to adjust to the new setting.

Follow these tips before, during and after your move to ensure your kids have a fun experience.

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