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The Forgotten Aspects of Moving

forgotten aspects

Moving day is quickly approaching and with so many different aspects involved with moving, it’s very easy to forget some of them. It is important to create a moving checklist for the moving process so nothing is forgotten.

Here’s a look at the often-forgotten aspects of moving. Be sure to read over these tips and add them to your checklist so you can avoid any last-minute headaches.

Clear out dressers

Often times people forget to remove items from their dressers. Many people assume that the items can remain in the dressers, but unfortunately, leaving items in the dresser means you could have damaged or broken items. You should remove any fragile items from the dressers, leaving only clothing.

Removing items from the dressers can also help when moving it. Leaving the items inside will make the dresser much heavier for the movers. Simply remove the items and pack them in separate boxes.

Parking spot for moving truck

Another forgotten aspect of moving is ensuring that there is parking for the moving truck. It is important to make sure that they have enough space on the street to park their truck. You need to make sure cars aren’t parked where the truck needs to go.

If you’re moving into an apartment, you will need to make sure you secure a parking space for the truck well in advance.

Labeling boxes

One of the most forgotten aspects of moving is remembering to label your boxes. Forgetting to label your boxes as you pack will make the unpacking process harder. When you move into your new home, the last thing you want to do is organize all your boxes. Save yourself the time and headache, and label each box as you pack.

Reserve an elevator

Reserving an elevator is the most important thing for those who are moving into an apartment. You should organize the date and time of the move with the manager to ensure you get the elevator for your move. If you forget to book the elevator, the move will take much longer and you may be sharing the elevator with other residents.

Moving is never easy, but a little preparation goes a long way to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible. If you can eliminate these forgotten aspects of moving, you’ll make the move much easier.

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