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The Best Way to Prepare for Moving Day!

Everyone knows that moving day is a stressful occasion. However, it doesn’t have to be as hectic as you think it is. Yes, it will take a lot of hard work and time, but with a well thought out plan, your big day will go seamlessly. Keep reading for some tips on how to prepare for moving day.
Preparing a checklist is the most important so that you can ensure everything goes as planned. Checklists assist you with packing and disassembling items in the correct order. Most importantly, will alleviate stress on moving day. Make sure you label each box and add it to your checklist. Buy more packing supplies than you think you will need, it’s much better to be over prepared!
Time Management
Set time frames for how long each task should take. The more organized you are, the more money you’ll save.
Organize your Belongings
Sort through all the rooms in your home and decide what you want to take with you and what items you will leave behind. Remember, the more you bring with you, the more money your move will cost. Consider having a garage sale, donating items to charity, old friends, family, or auctioning off valuable items that you won’t bring with you.
Clean out all your appliances including the stove, oven, fridge and freezer so that they’re easier to move and ready for your new home. Make sure the fridge is defrosted and cleared of any shelves, racks and drawers. Ensure that you leave a substantial amount of time to clean these appliances before moving day so that the process is easier.
Changing Information
Inform your family and friends about your new contact information. Most importantly, tell your utilities such as electricity, cable and telephones about your moving situation. Inform government agencies, not only for tax purposes, but also insurance purposes.
Make Arrangements for your Children and Pets
Moving is stressful enough. When you’re moving with a pet or child it can get even more chaotic. Ensure that you make plans for them to be at a different location on moving day so that you don’t confuse them or stress them out.
Ask for Help
Arrange for your family, friends or neighbours to help you with packing preparation. Moving takes a lot of time, so you should reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure that you have all hands-on deck and can move efficiently.
Contact the Professionals!
The most important part of preparing for moving day is to get professional movers like Armando Movers to assist you. With years of experience, they will know exactly how to get you where you need to be, quickly and effectively.