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How To Safely Move Mirrors

moving mirrors

Transporting mirrors can be quite the daunting task. Not only are they delicate but if they break, there is always that seven years of bad luck superstition, that will be hanging over your head.

Most of your other fragile belongings can be bubble-wrapped and packed in boxes for safe transportation, but that’s not the case for fragile mirrors. An unexpected jolt or bump in the road could cause your mirror to break unless you take proper precautions to move your mirror safely.

Fortunately, moving a mirror is simple if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Tape an “X” on your mirror

Get a roll of masking tape and tape a large ‘X’ across the mirrors. Be sure to tape from corner to corner of your mirror on both sides. If you have a round or oval mirror, try to tape the ‘X’ as best you can.

Taping your mirrors provides it with extra stability while still allowing it to bend slightly in the case of bumps. It also should hold most of the broken mirror pieces together, should the mirror shatter.

Step 2: Bubble-wrap

When it comes to moving mirrors, bubble-wrap is the go-to packing material. Wrap the mirror with bubble-wrap ensuring that its covered entirely, and that no part of the mirror is exposed.

For additional protection, you can place the bubble-wrapped mirror between two pieces of cardboard.

Step 3: Use Blankets

If you have thick blankets, you should wrap it around your mirror before finally putting the mirror in the box. With the bubble-wrap and blankets, the mirror shouldn’t be able to move very much. Seal the box with tape and ensure you clearly mark that the box contains a mirror and is fragile.

Step 4: Moving your mirror appropriately

Once you’ve wrapped your mirror and it’s time to actually move it, you want to ideally rest in an upright position. It’s also a good idea is to place the mirror behind a couch or up against the wall of the moving truck. This way, your mirror has something to rest against and it won’t move around too much during move.

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