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Office Moving

When you’ve been in a building for many years and have a successful business, moving can be extremely stressful. Businesses need their daily routine to function, but during a move, all these routines are thrown off course for a short time.

Planning a Move? Let Us Help You

A major part of the moving process is selecting a residential moving company to assist you on your moving day. Below are some things to consider before selecting a moving company.

Moving Plants To A New House

House plants add colour and interest to a home, but moving plants can be a bit of a headache. House plants require special care during the move, so it’s best to move them yourself in your car.

How to Strategically Pack Your House

When it’s time to move, knowing how to strategically pack certainly comes in handy, especially considering packing is what makes people feel overwhelmed. Thinking about how to pack the whole house into boxes. Armando Movers understands these concerns so we have put together some tips to help ease the stresses of moving.

How To Safely Move Mirrors

Transporting mirrors can be quite the daunting task. Not only are they delicate but if they break, there is always that seven years of bad luck superstition, that will be hanging over your head.

Safety Tips while Moving

With the number of things that need to be done during a move, people can sometimes forget about personal safety. Moving large furniture can be really difficult, and comes with the risk of getting injured. It is important to follow proper steps in order to reduce the chance of a moving-related injury. In order to avoid any injuries, it’s necessary for you to understand proper furniture moving sa

Moving with Kids

Moving to a new house is stressful as it is, but with kids in the mix, it adds another level of stress and concerns. Luckily for you, Armando Movers have put together a list of things you can do to make the process run smoothly for you and your children.

The Forgotten Aspects of Moving

Moving day is quickly approaching and with so many different aspects involved with moving, it’s very easy to forget some of them. It is important to create a moving checklist for the moving process so nothing is forgotten.

Moving into a smaller home

Are you thinking about downsizing your home? Moving all your belongings from your current home into your new, smaller home can be tricky. We prepared some tips to help make the transition of downsizing into a smaller home as smooth as possible.

Budgeting your move

It’s not a secret that moving to a new place is an expensive endeavor. A budget can help you determine what the most convenient and cost-effective way to move your stuff from your old house to your new one.